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77. Notice From the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases of the Development of an NTD Vaccine Consortium May 13, 2015

In the last decade, outbreaks of SARS, H5N1 (bird flu) and H1N1 (swine flu) and recently Dengue Fever and Ebola have increased awareness of the need for rapid vaccine development in response to emerging viral threats. Replikins'software-driven technology allows for earlier development of vaccine candidates, as well as rapid prototyping and production of the vaccines that emerge from early clinical trials.

Synthetic vaccines hold the promise of creating new, highly targeted vaccines from crafted peptide sequences, which could be much more effective than classical vaccines without the side effects.

Based in Boston, Replikins Ltd develops and markets novel forecasting tools and synthetic vaccines to fight virulent rapidly replicating diseases including bird flu, malaria, and HIV. Replikins Ltd 's core software technology allows for earlier development of vaccine candidates, as well as rapid prototyping and production of the vaccines that emerge from early clinical trials.

Replikins Ltd's core software technology and patent portfolio are built around a new class of peptide subsequences, which were named Replikins by its Canadian founder Dr. Samuel Bogoch of Boston University School of Medicine and Chairman of Replikins Ltd.

Increases in concentration of these subsequences in virus proteins have been found to be associated with rapidly replicating pathogens. These subsequences are consistently present in a wide range of rapidly-replicating viruses, pointing the way towards development of synthetic vaccine candidates (see paper).

Dr. Samuel Bogoch will be delivering a speech at ISNTD d3 entitled: "Replikins Technology: one to two year advance notice of emerging viruses by automated gene sequence analysis" on May 20th at 2.30 P.M. in the session "Diseases of Poverty from Discovery to Development", showing how this technology can be used to identify changes in dengue 'real-time' as well as those stable dengue gene structures conserved back to 1944. Examples of gene changes and conservation in other NTDs, such as Ebola, are also examined.

Replikins gene sequence analysis methods are the basis of a new technology which has resulted in effective vaccines in challenge studies for H5N1 in chickens and Taura Syndrome Virus in shrimp. The Replikins synthetic vaccines against Ebola and MERS have recently been shown to elicit high antibody responses in Ebola and MERS.

Replikins has designed synthetic vaccines and formulated for dengue, Chikungunya and other emerging NTDs and Replikins seeks partners to develop these further.

Replikins Ltd. believes that addressing the gap between current capacity (serving only approximately 1 billion worldwide) and scaling up to meet the needs of the world's 7 billion inhabitants represents a massive and under-served opportunity in terms of forming a new Neglected Tropical Diseases Vaccine Consortium.

Find out more or register your interest HERE.

Please register your interest now to meet with Dr. Samuel Bogoch in order to discuss questions that will underpin the formation of a new Neglected Tropical Diseases Vaccine Consortium, including:

  • Challenges in dengue and Ebola vaccine development
  • Status of current candidates in clinical testing and how Replikins and other new technologies might help these
  • Challenges in implementation of dengue vaccines
  • Vaccines for other viral NTDs outside of dengue
  • The relative roles of vaccines and therapeutics for neglected tropical diseases
  • How these products can be developed and implemented
  • The funding gaps during product development & how the new Vaccine Consortium might solve these funding gaps
  • How the costs of development can be reduced to facilitate development of NTD vaccines
  • What we have learned from Ebola and can this become vaccine development 'best practice'?
  • How can the regulatory burdens be reduced or modified for future NTD vaccines?

Partner for rapid vaccine development & meet Replikins at:
ISNTD d3 2015
Diagnostics, drug discovery & development
May 20th - 21st 2015
Wellcome Trust London
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